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Does Flow Studio App store my data? 
Do you have access to my personal data or my flow data?

Flow Studio Pro / Free does not store your data. It's a web-based App so your data is stored in the your browser's cache.

The only data we record with the Flow Studio Pro / Free is your email address for login and verifying valid subscription levels.

Flow Studio Pro / Free does not store your flows, flow definitions, run history, credentials or connections.

Flow Studio for Teams (preview) is an enhanced system with a backend data lake supporting the scanning and hands-off monitoring of flows. You can choose to use our Azure storage, or provide your own Azure storage so
 Flow Studio for Teams will write all the flows, runs, makers it scanned into Azure Storage tables controlled by you.  Flow Studio for Teams collects metadata relating to your Flow and PowerApps, a very minimal set of user information to identify makers by name and environment role.